Templates allow you to quickly generate forms with predefined HTML fields and Contact Form 7 Tags (See Understanding Templates and Styles).

Create a new form or edit an existing Contact Form 7 form. Scroll down to the Skins section where you will see a list of available Templates in a grid view.

Templates in CF7 Skins

Each template title is usually quite self explanatory as to what that particular template does. For example, you will see Event, Survey, Suggestion, Contact templates.

You can also click on the Details link below each template to learn more about it.

A closer look at the Event template

When searching for a Template, choose one that most closely represents the fields that you need for your form.

Now let’s suppose you want to create an event form. Simply click on the Select link below the Event template.

Selecting a template

You will notice that the Select link will turn red and the text will change to Selected. This confirms that CF7 Skins has applied the template to your form.

You can now scroll up to the Form Editor where you will notice the required HTML and Contact Form 7 Tags filled in the form editing area.

Form generated by using CF7Skins Event template

Each template acts as an easy to follow guide, which can be adapted to your particular requirements.

You can add more fields, or remove fields, to match your requirements. You can also adjust the layout of your form by moving fields.

You can even copy fields you want elsewhere and change the Contact Form 7 Tag to another you create via the Generate Tag button.

Tip: Find another CF7 Skin template that has the field you are looking for. Copy the line from the Form section, then paste it into the form you are creating. Don’t forget to save your changes after adding the new field.

Note: If you select a different Template , it will replace the Form section with the new selected template.

That’s all it takes to successfully use a Template to generate your form.

Tip: For full step-by-step instructions on creating and editing your CF7 Skin, check out our Create a form with CF7 Skins tutorial.

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