Contact Form 7 Datepicker

Enables adding a date field to Contact Form 7 using jQuery UI’s Datepicker.



  • Fallback for browsers that do not support HTML5 date type
  • Adds custom date, time & datetime CF7 tags
  • Control date & time formats
  • Set Min. & Max. for date & time
  • Set first day
  • Set month & year range
  • Restrict selectable month & year
  • No weekends option
  • Choose animation style
  • Display inline & buttons

The plugin includes almost no documentation. As it’s based on jQuery UI’s Datepicker, experienced users might be able refer to the API documentation for some detailed background info.


  1. Contact Form 7 includes a filter which can be used to provide a jQuery UI-based fallback for the date and number input fields.
  2. On the GitHub repository for this plugin the authors note that this plugin is not longer maintained.
  3. It’s possible this plugin will not operate correctly with future WordPress updates. Meanwhile the plugin remains one the most popular Contact Form 7 Extensions.

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