Contact Form 7 Redirection

Redirect visitors to success pages or thank you pages

Provides a method to redirect visitors to success pages or thank you pages. If no message is sent, or if there is an error with the form, the user will not be redirected.

Contact Form 7 Redirection uses DOM events to perform redirection, without AJAX being disabled, as recommended by the Contact Form 7 plugin author, Takayuki Miyoshi.


Previously most Contact Form 7 users didn’t use this plugin because Contact Form 7 included a simple way of Redirecting to Another URL After Submissions.

Simply insert the following line into the Additional Settings tab:

on_sent_ok: "location = '';"

You just need to replace the with the URL of the page you want to redirect to.


Using “on_sent_ok” is likely to be no longer possible from the end of 2017

In June 2017, Contact Form 7 plugin author, Takayuki Miyoshi, released an announcement that says:

The “on_sent_ok” and its sibling setting “on_submit” are deprecated and scheduled to be abolished by the end of 2017.

The authors of Contact Form 7 Redirection acted to cope with this change:

“on_sent_ok” function commonly is used to redirect users after form sent successfully. That made us look for solution in that case.

We looked around and found plugins that allows you to do so without on_sent_ok, but all of those plugins are outdated and disabling AJAX functionality, which causes the page to refresh in every form submission, even if it fails.

In terms of user experience, that’s a bad solution, and so – Contact Form 7 Redirection came to life, solves all of the above elegantly.

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