Each Template acts as an easy to follow guide, which can be adapted to your particular requirements. You can adjust the layout of your form by simply moving form fields around or you might copy a field similar to what you want and then change it to suit your needs.

If you haven’t selected a Template yet, choose one that has fields closest to what you want in your finished form.

1. Scroll up to the Form section on your screen.

As soon as you select a Template, the Form Editor will be automatically filled with required HTML tags and Contact Form 7 Tags.


2. Copy and paste lines within the form.

Most users find they can adjust a Template to their requirements by simply copying & pasting.

a. If you are removing fields:

Highlight the line and delete it.


b. If you are adding fields:

Pick a field similar to what you want, highlight and copy it to where you want and then change it to suit your needs.

Tip: If you want to copy a Fieldset section – be sure to grab everything between the <fieldset> <fieldset/> tags.

3. Use the Generate Tag button to revise Contact Form 7 Tags.

Contact Form 7 Tags have rather complex syntax, but you don’t have to learn it. You can use the Generate Tag tool to generate as many tags as you want. Replace an existing tag with a new one you’ve created.

Review Contact Form 7’s documentation on Tag Syntax. This will let you know which tags and fields you can add to your form.

Tip: To check if you are changing the right text, try saving the form and previewing it after each change.

4. After you have made any changes, remember to Save!

Note: If you select a different template, it will replace the Form section with the new selected template.

Tip: Find another Template that has the field you are looking for.  Copy the line from the Form section, then paste it into the form you are creating. Don’t forget to save your changes after adding the new field.

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