If you are a current CF7 Skins customer, you can change any licenses to another site at any time.

Follow these steps to change the site where your license is activated

1. Login to your cf7skins.com Account. You will find links to your downloads and licenses there.

How to move my license to other sites 01

2. Click on the View Licenses link for the license you wish to move.

How to move my license to other sites 02 title=

3. Click on Manage Sites.

How to move my license to other sites 03 title=

4. Use the Add Site button to add your new site URL.

You can also deactivate an existing install to free up a slot for a another site. For example, you can de-activate an install on http://youroldsite.com and re-activate it on http://yournewsite.com.

Tip: If you move your site after you activate your license, you will need to change the site location in your Account to receive update notifications.


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