CF7 Skins Styles are what makes your form look great – by applying CSS styling to your forms.

This covers things like the color of each title or field, padding around the text, and the changes that occur when you hover over some form elements.

In the Style section, you can find a Style you like by using one of the following filters:

– Featured
– Popular
– Latest


Or you can use Feature Filter if you are looking for something specific. Finally, there is a Search box at the far right of the screen.

Once you have found a style you like, you can see more about it under Details. Then, click Select to choose the style that will be applied to your form.

The Style will also be applied to any new fields you add to your form.

That’s it! The Style you chose will be applied to your form. You’re ready to Save and see what it looks like.

Tip: If you have multiple forms for your site, any Style can be applied to any Template.

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