CF7 Skins extends the power of Contact Form 7, making it easier for regular WordPress users to create forms using built in Templates, and make them visually appealing with a range of attractive Styles.


CF7 Skins comes with several commonly used form Templates – like User Registration, Customer Survey, Event Registration, etc.

Each CF7 Skins Template provides the form content and layout required for your form, including both HTML and Contact Form 7 Tags. The template acts as an easy to follow guide, which can be adapted to your particular requirements.


CF7 Skins also makes it possible for you to beautify your form with CSS styling. It comes with many different Styles that you can choose by simply clicking on them.

Each Style covers the full range of standard form elements available within Contact Form 7.


Together these Templates and Styles provide Skins for Contact Form 7, hence the name ‘CF7 Skins’.

Each CF7 Skin provides a complete solution for your Contact Form 7 forms.

  1. form content and layout (Template) – HTML
  2. form presentation (Style) – CSS

Template [HTML] + Style [CSS] = Skin


CF7 Skins makes it easier for regular WordPress users to create advanced and beautiful forms, using Contact Form 7, without knowing HTML or CSS.

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