Understanding Templates

CF7 Skins comes with many Templates for you to use with your Contact Form 7 forms. Contact Form 7 Method Contact Form 7 uses Tags to generate form fields. To create a form field, most users will generate a Contact Form 7 Tag by clicking on the Generate Tag drop down menu. After that you […]

Choosing a Template for Your Form

Templates allow you to quickly generate forms with predefined HTML fields and Contact Form 7 Tags (See Understanding Templates and Styles). Create a new form or edit an existing Contact Form 7 form. Scroll down to the Skins section where you will see a list of available Templates in a grid view. Each template title […]

Edit your CF7 Skins Form

Each Template acts as an easy to follow guide, which can be adapted to your particular requirements. You can adjust the layout of your form by simply moving form fields around or you might copy a field similar to what you want and then change it to suit your needs. If you haven’t selected a […]

Why we use Fieldset, Legend & Lists in CF7 Skins

When selecting a Template for your form, CF7 Skins builds the basic HTML of the form you selected and populates the Form section. You may have noticed that a CF7 Skin form looks a bit different than the default Contact Form 7 form. CF7 Skins uses Fieldsets, Legends, and Lists CF7 Skins takes a different […]

Making your form easy to read by using Fieldsets

When creating your CF7 Skins form, you may notice that your form is starting to get a little long or confusing to follow. To help solve these problems, rather than creating separate forms or having one long form, you can section apart your content using the fieldset and legend elements. The grouping and labelling of […]