Sometimes, you may need to duplicate a Contact Form 7 (CF7) form on your current website to another website.

Manually copying the form can be time-consuming and prone to human errors. CF7 Skins now offers a better way to duplicate a Contact Form 7 form across multiple websites by exporting it from one website and importing it into another.

To export a CF7 form, you must:

1. Enable Export in CF7 Skins Settings
2. Export Contact Form 7 form

Enable Export in CF7 Skins Settings

The feature to export a CF7 form is disabled by default. Therefore, you need to make sure that exporting is enabled in CF7 Skins Settings before exporting a form. To enable export:

1. Go to Contact >> CF7 Skins Settings.

Tip: You need WP Administrator level access to go to the CF7 Skins Settings page.

2. Select Enable export of individual CF7 Skins form.

Enable export in CF7 Skins Settings

3. Click Save Changes.

Tip: You can now export & import individual CF7 forms on your websites or share the exported files with your colleagues to help them create the same form on their websites.

Export Contact Form 7 form

After enabling export, you can export a CF7 form using the following steps:

1. Go to your Contact Form.

2. Click Export Form.

Export Form button

Tip: The Export Form button is only displayed if you have enabled export in your website.

3. Provide a name for the exported file and click Save.

Save exported file

Tip: Make sure you give the exported file a name that clearly identifies it & save it in a location where you can easily find it again.

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