How to Use the Duplicate Icon Effectively in CF7 Skins Forms

Creating forms with multiple similar fields can feel tedious. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly copy an existing field and customize it for your needs? Well, with the CF7 Skins Visual Editor, you can! This user-friendly plugin for ‘Contact Form 7’ in WordPress offers a handy duplicate icon to minimize your form-building process. […]

Create a form with CF7 Skins

Once you have downloaded and activated the Contact Form 7 plugin and the CF7 Skins plugin, you are ready to get started. 1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. 2. Under Contact > Contact Forms, click Add New. 3. Scroll down until you see the Skins section.  The Visual Form Editor will be open by default, showing a basic form structure. Notice that […]

Overview of the CF7 Skins User Interface

CF7 Skins has a simple and easy to learn user interface.  Follow along to see the different sections and how they help you quickly create beautiful Contact Form 7 forms. First, since CF7 Skins is built within Contact Form 7, you need to create a new Contact Form 7 form: 1. Log in to your […]

Edit your CF7 Skins Form (CF7 Skins Visual Editor)

The CF7 Skins Form tab is where you edit your form using the Visual Editor. The visual editor enables you to make changes to your form without having to know about Contact Form 7 tags and syntax.  Tip: If this is your first time using CF7 Skins or creating a new form, we recommend starting with Create […]

CF7 Skins Settings Options

The Contact Form 7 Skins (CF7 Skins) plugin has its own sets of settings. They let you configure various CF7 Skins options such as the CF7 Skins admin color scheme, toggle the export feature, and enable or disable visual data. You can configure these settings from Contact >> CF7 Skins Settings. In this article, we […]

Add asterisk to required fields option

Depending on the design of your Contact Form 7 Skins form, you may sometimes need to hide the asterisk (*) normally shown on required form fields. You can now do this with an option available in Contact Form 7 Skins. This article will show you how to add or remove the asterisk on required form […]

Export and Import Contact Form 7 form

Sometimes, you may need to duplicate a Contact Form 7 (CF7) form on your current website to another website. Manually copying the form can be time-consuming and prone to human errors. Contact Form 7 Skins now offers a better way to duplicate a Contact Form 7 form across multiple websites by exporting it from one […]

CF7 Skins HTML Element

Starting from CF7 Skins Pro version 2.1, CF7 Skins introduces a new HTML element. You can use this item to easily add HTML Tags that you require in your form. In this article, we cover how you use the HTML element to add HTML tags in CF7 Skins forms quickly and easily. The HTML item […]

Change Type of CF7 Tag: a Quick Guide

With the release of Version 2.1, Contact Form 7 Skins (CF7 Skins) introduces an easy way to change the type of Contact Form 7 (CF7) Form Tag, while creating or changing a form for your WordPress site. In this article, we cover how you can change the CF7 Tag type in the CF7 Skins Visual […]

Understanding fieldset, legend, and list field items

Fieldset, legend, ordered list, and list items are the foundation of all CF7 Skins Templates. With these form field items, two main benefits are the ability to group together related fields and have more detailed styling. Tip: For more information, take a look at Why we use fieldset, legend, and lists in CF7 Skins. If you […]

Choosing a Style for Your Form

CF7 Skins comes with many Styles which you can apply to any form with just a click (See Understanding Templates and Styles). Create a new form or edit an existing Contact Form 7 form. Scroll down to the Skins section and click on the Style tab to view the list of available styles to choose […]

Edit your CF7 Skins Form (Contact Form 7 Editor)

This tutorial is about using the Contact Form 7 tag editor. To learn how to edit your form using the CF7 Skins visual editor, see Edit your CF7 Skins Form (CF7 Skins Visual Editor). Starting a new form with Contact Form 7 gives you a default Contact Form within Contact Form 7’s form tag editor: Select a Template […]

Making your form easy to read by using Fieldsets

When creating your CF7 Skins form, you may notice that your form is starting to get a little long or confusing to follow. To help solve these problems, rather than creating separate forms or having one long form, you can section apart your content using the fieldset and legend elements. The grouping and labelling of […]

Why we use Fieldset, Legend & Lists in CF7 Skins

CF7 Skins takes a different approach to form syntax than Contact Form 7. We use fieldsets, legends, and lists as the foundation for all CF7 Skins Templates. The main reasons behind using this syntax are: The Fieldset element allows grouping of related form fields The Legend element helps provide context to each fieldset Advanced and […]

Choosing a Template for Your Form

When you select a CF7 Skins Template, it instantly generates a form with predefined HTML fields and Contact Form 7 tags. All of your available templates are on the Template tab. Choosing a Template To begin, select your Contact Form from the admin panel. Scroll down to the Skins section. Click the Template tab to begin exploring […]