Change Type of CF7 Tag: a Quick Guide

CF7 Skins Update Coming Soon This article includes information on a new/changed CF7 Skins feature, which will be released shortly. With the release of Version 2.1, Contact Form 7 Skins (CF7 Skins) introduces an easy way to change the type of CF7 Tag while creating a form for your WordPress site. In this article, we […]

CF7 Skins Visual: Tour the visual form editor

A visual and interactive form editor The CF7 Skins Visual Editor provides a visual way to build your Contact Form 7 forms. Easy access to all form fields All Contact Form 7 Tags and CF7 Skins form items are available within the Form tab. Drag and drop form elements Simply drag and drop form fields to […]

Edit your CF7 Skins Form (CF7 Skins Visual Editor)

The CF7 Skins Form tab is where you edit your form using the Visual Editor. The visual editor enables you to make changes to your form without having to know about Contact Form 7 tags and syntax.  Tip: If this is your first time using CF7 Skins or creating a new form, we recommend starting with Create […]

Understanding fieldset, legend, and list field items

Fieldset, legend, ordered list, and list items are the foundation of all CF7 Skins Templates. With these form field items, two main benefits are the ability to group together related fields and have more detailed styling. Tip: For more information, take a look at Why we use fieldset, legend, and lists in CF7 Skins. If you […]