Contact Form 7 fields side by side

One of the preferred styling options of Contact Form 7 users is to display commonly used form fields like “name” and “email” side by side on a single line. However many users find this task challenging due to their limited knowledge of HTML and CSS. CF7 Skins Ready, an add-on for our popular Contact Form […]

Contact Form 7 form in columns

There are a number of common stying options that many Contact Form 7 (CF7) users like to add to their forms, like evenly spaced columns & and several fields on a single line. However adding these styles requires detailed HTML & CSS knowledge which is beyond the current skills of many WordPress users. CF7 Skins […]

CF7 Skins Ready (with CF7 Form Editor)

This article is about using CF7 Skins Ready in the Contact Form 7 tag editor. To learn about using CF7 Skins Ready in the CF7 Skins visual editor, see CF7 Skins Ready (with Visual Editor). CF7 Skins Ready provides a range of useful, pre-defined styles (like evenly spaced columns & and several fields on a single line) […]

CF7 Skins Logic – Conditional Logic

CF7 Skins Logic allows you to add Conditional Logic to Contact Form 7 forms. With CF7 Skins Logic you can dynamically change the form fields displayed based on user input show or hide form elements depending on the values input in other form fields display selected form items in response to options chosen Options Show […]

CF7 Skins Multi – multi-part forms

CF7 Skins Multi allows you to easily break your Contact Form 7 forms into multiple steps. Forms can be divided where required, quickly & easily, right within the Contact Form 7 plugin interface. Multiple page forms is the modern way of handling extensive forms. Generally users are much more comfortable in filling forms section by […]