Bug in WordPress 3.6 – Qmail based Hosts only

There is a bug in the WordPress 3.6 release that causes Contact-7 forms to fail to be emailed – but it only affects those hosts using Qmail based email systems. It appears that WordPress used a few month old version of class-phpmailer.php, one where a bug had been introduced for Qmail based email systems. The […]

JavaScript Conflict Problems

Contact Form 7 is a good WordPress community member in regards to it’s use of JavaScript and plugs correctly into the WordPress architecture. However there are many plugins and themes that are not so well written and a host of problems can be due to a JavaScript conflict with either your current WordPress theme or […]

Plugin or Theme Conflicts

Plugin and theme conflicts are unfortunately a fact of life with WordPress. Contact Form 7 plugs correctly into the WordPress architecture so that it does not cause conflicts with other plugins and themes. However there are many plugins and themes that are not so well written. Like many other popular plugins, CF7 is frequently reported […]

Contact Form 7 Email Issues

Though the Contact Form 7 (CF7) plugin successfully sends millions of emails every day, there are a host of issues that can delay or stop emails on both the sending and receiving ends of a typical email. This article was set up to help people, who are having trouble sending and receiving emails from CF7, […]

Yahoo DMARC Issue

There is a general problem with Yahoo email addresses in Contact Form 7 forms (and lots of other applications) due to changes made by Yahoo to their DMARC security policy. In April 2014, Yahoo published a DMARC “p=reject” record, telling all receiving email servers to reject emails from yahoo.com addresses that don’t originate from a […]

Contact Form 7 Configuration Validator

The release of Contact Form 7 – version 4.4 introduced the Configuration Validator which validates Contact Form 7 form configurations to detect errors leading to mail delivery failure or other troubles. This article explains the expected input for each Mail setting field, common mistakes, and how you can resolve those errors. The Contact Form 7 […]