Understanding Templates

CF7 Skins Templates are the structure of your form, providing the content and layout. They act as an easy to follow guide or framework that can be adjusted to your particular needs. The Template tab includes a range of commonly used form templates for different categories and purposes – such as a Contact Form, Customer […]

Edit your CF7 Skins Form (Contact Form 7 Editor)

This tutorial is about using the Contact Form 7 tag editor. To learn how to edit your form using the CF7 Skins visual editor, see Edit your CF7 Skins Form (CF7 Skins Visual Editor). Starting a new form with Contact Form 7 gives you a default Contact Form within Contact Form 7’s form tag editor: Select a Template […]

Why we use Fieldset, Legend & Lists in CF7 Skins

CF7 Skins takes a different approach to form syntax than Contact Form 7. We use fieldsets, legends, and lists as the foundation for all CF7 Skins Templates. The main reasons behind using this syntax are: The Fieldset element allows grouping of related form fields The Legend element helps provide context to each fieldset Advanced and […]

Choosing a Template for Your Form

When you select a CF7 Skins Template, it instantly generates a form with predefined HTML fields and Contact Form 7 tags. All of your available templates are on the Template tab. Choosing a Template To begin, select your Contact Form from the admin panel. Scroll down to the Skins section. Click the Template tab to begin exploring […]