CF7 Skins Templates are the structure of your form, providing the content and layout. They act as an easy to follow guide or framework that can be adjusted to your particular needs.

The Template tab includes a range of commonly used form templates for different categories and purposes – such as a Contact Form, Customer Survey, Event Registration, etc.


When you select a Template, it’s like getting a head start. The CF7 Skins visual form editor (Form tab) and Contact Form 7 tags are automatically updated for you.

Below is an example of the Contact Form Template on the Form tab.


With the structure of the form provided, you can immediately start to customize it. Add, edit, duplicate, or remove fields without worrying about tags or typing out the field syntax correctly.

To get started finding a template for your form, within the Skins section, click the Template tab. Find a template that most closely resembles what you want and click Select below the template’s preview image.


To save your template,

1. Click the Form tab. This tab shows the visual editor for your new form.

2. At the bottom, click Save Visual.


Tip: If you already have a form set up, we recommend making a backup copy of it first. This is just in case you accidentally make permanent changes to your form that you want to revert.

You can change your template at any time by revisiting the Template tab and selecting a new one.