Contact Form 7 fields side by side

One of the preferred styling options of Contact Form 7 users is to display commonly used form fields like “name” and “email” side by side on a single line. However many users find this task challenging due to their limited knowledge of HTML and CSS. CF7 Skins Ready, an add-on for our popular Contact Form […]

Contact Form 7 form in columns

There are a number of common stying options that many Contact Form 7 (CF7) users like to add to their forms, like evenly spaced columns & and several fields on a single line. However adding these styles requires detailed HTML & CSS knowledge which is beyond the current skills of many WordPress users. CF7 Skins […]

Contact Form 7 Custom Button

Some users of Contact Form 7 prefer to use an image as their form button instead of the default submit button. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to accomplish this using Contact Form 7 and our popular Contact Form 7 Skins plugin. Before you begin But before we get started, there are a […]

Understanding Styles

CF7 Skins comes with many Styles for you to use with your Contact Form 7 forms. Contact Form 7 Method There is a common misconception that the Contact Form 7 plugin controls the appearance of Contact Form 7 forms though the plugins CSS style sheets. In truth the Contact Form 7 plugin uses only very […]

Choosing a Style for Your Form

CF7 Skins comes with many Styles which you can apply to any form with just a click (See Understanding Templates and Styles). Create a new form or edit an existing Contact Form 7 form. Scroll down to the Skins section and click on the Style tab to view the list of available styles to choose […]

Using a Custom CSS plugin to modify a CF7 Skins Style

Custom Styling your Contact Form 7 Form With CF7 Skins you’re able to apply a Style and get a great looking Contact Form 7 form quickly and easily without having any HTML or CSS skills. Sometimes, though, you might want to make small changes. Using a Custom CSS plugin is a relatively easy way to […]

CF7 Skins Styles not applied in my form

For CF7 Skins & it’s Add-ons to work you need to select one of our CF7 Skins Styles. Tip: The currently selected Template & Style are shown in red near the top of the Skins metabox. . We recommend you initially select the Default Style which is the minimum needed to support CF7 Skins our […]

How to Customise Your Selected CF7 Skins Style

Before you begin This article will only be useful if you: Have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Learn more. Understand and know how to use developer tools such as Firefox Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools – Learn more. Understand child themes and/or how to update the CSS of your WordPress theme using a […]