A visual and interactive form editor

The CF7 Skins Visual Editor provides a visual way to build your Contact Form 7 forms.

CF7 Skins - Form - Visual Editor

Easy access to all form fields

All Contact Form 7 Tags and CF7 Skins form items are available within the Form tab.

CF7 Skins - Form tab - Contact Form 7 Tags and CF7 Skins Field Items

Drag and drop form elements

Simply drag and drop form fields to create your form.

CF7 Skins - Form Tab - Drag and Drop New Field

Select and hold down your mouse to drag and drop a field onto your form.

Edit each form field

You can edit each form element (including all Contact Form 7 tags) to adjust it to your needs.

Edit each form field

Adjust form fields quickly to suit your needs

On the visual form, you can drag and drop to re-order the fields or click to edit, duplicate, and delete them.

Field Tag Edit Duplicate Remove

Rearrange form fields

Re-order your form by dragging and dropping fields up and down the form.

CF7 Skins - Drag and Drop - Rearrange a Contact Form 7 Tag

Get a jump start with Templates

Each template acts like a guide, helping you get a jump start on creating a form that meets your needs.

CF7 Skins - Form tab - Contact Form Template on Visual Editor