Starting from CF7 Skins Pro version 2.1, CF7 Skins introduces a new HTML element. You can use this item to easily add HTML Tags that you require in your form.

In this article, we cover how you use the HTML element to add HTML tags in CF7 Skins forms quickly and easily.

The HTML item is available in the CF7 Skins Visual Editor.

HTML Item in the CF7 Skins Visual Editor

Tip: The HTML element feature is available for CF7 Skins Pro users only.

Using HTML Element

If you want to add an HTML tag using the HTML element:

1. In the Skins section of your Contact Form 7 form, go to the FIELDS (CF7 SKINS ITEMS) section.

Step 1: Using HTML element

2. Select the HTML element and drag it into the form.

Step 2: Using HTML element

3. In the Form tab, click the Edit icon of the HTML element.

Step 3: Using HTML element

4. Enter the required HTML tag in the Content field.

5. Click Done.

Tip: We also have Free Templates available to make your form creation process quicker.


Using the HTML Item

Before CF7 Skins Pro v2.1

Add HTML tags using Paragraph element

Prior to v2.1, if you had to add an HTML Tag in your form, you would have to include it in the CF7 Skins Paragraph element.

Tip: If you are not a CF7 Skins Pro user, you can still add HTML using the CF7 Skins Paragraph element.

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