If you’re unable to update your licensed plugin, it could be because you have moved your site after installing the plugin.

How to check if your site has an installed plugin

1. Login to your cf7skins.com Account. You will find the list of your purchases there.

2. Under License Keys, click the View Licenses link for the license you are having problem with.

CF7 Skins - Account and view licenses

3. Click Manage Sites.

CF7 Skins - Account and manage sites

4. Under Site URL, look for your website.

CF7 Skins - Account and add URL for new site

If you do not see the current site you’re using on the list, you will need to move your license to the correct site.

If your site does appear on the list, the problem might be something else. Contact us at CF7 Skins Premium Email Support for further help.