Fieldset, legend, and list items are the foundation for all CF7 Skins Templates. They are a key part to the structure and style of your form.

  • The FIELDSET item groups together related form fields.
  • The LEGEND item helps provide context to each fieldset by adding a title.
  • LIST-OL items act like a group of related LIST-LI items.
  •  LIST-LI items act like containers for a form’s field tags (Contact Form 7 Tags), such as Checkbox, Text, Date, etc.

The fieldset at the top provides a title (legend) for the entire form. The list-ol groups together list-li items that are related.

Tip: If you duplicate a LIST-OL, it will duplicate all of the LIST-LI and tags inside. This can save a huge amount of time if you have similar sections on your form.

The main advantages behind using this syntax are:

  • Customization and options for the form layout is both easier and more versatile.
  • Contact Form 7 form tags are visually less cluttered and easier to tweak.
  • Advanced and detailed CSS styling is much easier.
  • W3C compliant.
  • Accessibility such as tabbing navigation for visual user agents and speech navigation for speech-oriented user agents.

Tip: You don’t need to fully understand these items in order to use CF7 Skins. We recommend selecting a Template and following it as a guide.

To see all of the advantages to using fieldset, legend, and list, go to Why we use fieldsets, legends, and lists in CF7 Skins.

For more in-depth explanations on CF7 Skins Items, take a look at the tutorial Understanding fieldset, legend, and list field items.

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