Additional form Templates and beautiful Styles are available instantly by purchasing the CF7 Skins Pro add-on.

CF7 Skins Pro, an add-on for the CF7 Skins free plugin, offers the usual free Templates and Styles plus more complex Templates and a huge variety of Styles that can be used with almost any website colour scheme. Additionally, you will have access to Premium Email Support.

For instant access to more Templates, Styles, and Premium Support, follow the steps to upgrade your account:

1. Go to the CF7 Skins Pricing page.

2. Under CF7 Skins Pro, select the package that works best for you. Packages are based on how many site licenses you need. If you have one website, you only need one license.

3. Go through the checkout process.

4. After purchasing, you’ll receive a Licence Key via email (or you can visit your Account.)

Once you have applied your new license key, your new Templates and Styles will be available in the same location as before.

Note: The CF7 Skins Pro Add-on is included when you purchase any other CF7 Skins add-on: Ready, Logic, or Multi. Take a look at the special Bundles to make the most of purchasing helpful add-ons.

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