Find and select a template for your form all within the CF7 Skins Template tab.

Select your Contact Form from the admin panel.

WordPress Admin - Contact Form Plugin

Scroll down to the Skins section. Click the Template tab to begin exploring.


Filter which templates you can see by viewing:

  • All
  • Featured
  • Popular
  • Latest

Sort templates by:

  • Name
  • Date
  • License (show Premium at the top, for example)

Or, Search for a specific Template name.

Below each template screenshot, click Details to learn more about it.


To choose a Template for your form, click Select. The template will now show as Selected and Template:[ ] will display the template name you chose.


Once you select a Template, the Contact Form 7 form editor and the CF7 Skins Form tab will automatically update.


Contact Form 7 form editor showing the CF7 Skins Contact Template


CF7 Skins - Visual Form Editor - Template - Contact

CF7 Skins Form tab showing the visual form editor for the Contact form template.

To save your template,

1. Click the Form tab. This tab shows the visual editor for your new form.

2. At the bottom, click Save Visual.

Tip: Once you click Save Visual, any changes made in CF7 Skins (the Form, Template, and Style tabs) will be permanent. You only have to click Save Visual (no other save button) to save your changes.


You can change your template at any time by revisiting the Template tab and selecting a new one.

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