Before choosing a Template or Style for your form, click on the Details link to get more information about that template or style.

Within details, click on Expanded View to see a larger view of the template or style.

CF7 Skins - Template Details - Click Expand for More

If you want to see what it will actually look like on your website, follow these steps:

1. After selecting a Template and Style for your form, click the Form tab.

2. Click Save Visual.

Tip: You only have to click Save Visual to save your work. You do not have to click any other save buttons.


3. Once you save the visual editor, a code snippet will appear at the top of the page under the main title of your form. This is called a shortcode.


3. Highlight this code and copy it.

4. Edit the WordPress post/page where you want to have the form.

5. Paste the shortcode into your content where you want your form to appear.

6. On the right hand side under Publish, click Preview Changes to see your form in action.

WordPress Post - Contact Form 7 Shortcode - Preview

If your not happy with what you see, you can edit your form or select a different style. Your changes will be applied to the form displayed on your post or page.

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