CF7 Skins Styles are what make your form look great. ‘Style’ includes things like the color of each title or field, how much space in between text and the edge of the box, and the changes that occur when hovering your mouse over some form fields.

When you select a CF7 Skins Style, the aesthetic design (CSS code) is automatically created and applied to your form.

For example, below is what a standard Contact Form 7 contact form looks like (based on the site’s main theme):


After selecting a CF7 Skins Style (and the contact form Template), you can have a completely different looking form without knowing any code:


To get started finding a style for your form, visit the Skins section & click the Style tab.


To choose a Style for your form, click Select.

Once you have selected a Style, click Save or Save Visual. If you do not save your changes, the Style will not be applied to your form.

You can change your style at any time by revisiting the Style tab and selecting a new one.

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