To save CF7 Skins (any action on the CF7 Skins FormTemplate, or Style tabs), click the Form tab and click Save Visual.

Important: You must click the ‘Save Visual’ button to save any changes made in CF7 Skins. You do not need to use any other save buttons on the page.

CF7 Skins - Form Tab Visual Editor - Save Visual Button

Once you click Save Visual, the Contact Form 7 form tag editor will be updated and any form style changes will appear on your site.

If you are editing your form in the Contact Form 7 tag editor, you can click one of the other Save buttons on the page.

Now to make your form to appear on your post/page:

1. After you save your form, a code snippet will appear under the main title of your form.


2. Highlight this code (called a Shortcode) and copy it.

3. Go back to the post/page you are working on, copy the Shortcode into your content where you want your form to appear.

4. After you Save your post/page, the form will now appear.

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