CF7 Skins makes it easier for regular WordPress users to create advanced and beautiful forms without knowing HTML or CSS.

Extending the power of Contact Form 7, CF7 Skins provides you with a form Template, the ability to quickly customize it using a visual Form Editor, then make it beautiful by choosing a Style.


Templates are the structure of your form, providing the content and layout. They act as an easy to follow guide that can be adjusted to your particular needs.


CF7 Skins offers commonly used form templates such as a Contact Form, Event Registration, Customer Survey, etc.

Form Tab – Visual Form Editor

The CF7 Skins Form tab provides a visual editor for your form. It is to help you create the form you want without knowing or having to type the form tag syntax required by Contact Form 7.

You can drag and drop, add, remove, copy, and edit fields quickly in one area.


Each time you edit and save the visual editor, the tags are automatically created and updated in Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 form editor showing the CF7 Skins Contact Template


Styles are different themes and visual aesthetics for your form. You can select a Style and have your form become instantly beautiful without knowing any CSS.


Each Style covers the full range of standard form elements available within Contact Form 7.

For advanced WordPress users, the ID and Class attributes for each field can be edited in the visual editor for each field tag and item.

CF7 Skins

The Visual EditorTemplates, and Styles provide ‘Skins’ for Contact Form 7, hence the name ‘CF7 Skins‘.

CF7 Skins makes it easier for regular WordPress users to create advanced and beautiful forms, using Contact Form 7, without knowing HTML or CSS.

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