Does your CF7 Skins form look something like this?

Numbers showing before each form field

For CF7 Skins to work, you need to select a CF7 Skins Style and Save your form.

No numbers with default CF7 Skins style

CF7 Skins uses ordered lists as the foundation of all CF7 Skins Templates. When you use a CF7 Skins Template for your form you also need to use a CF7 Skins Style. This ensures the CSS styling used for ordered lists in your WordPress theme is not applied to your CF7 Skins form.

Add a CF7 Skins Style to your form

1. Edit your contact form and scroll down until you see the Skins section. Here, there are the Form, Template, and Style tabs.


Tip: If you have a Template or Style already selected, the names will appear in the red [ ] brackets.

2. Click the Style tab.


3. Click Select below the image to choose a Style. The style will now show as Selected and Style:[ ] will have the Style name you chose.


4. Once you have selected a style, click Save If you do not save your changes, your new style will not be applied to your form.


Start with the CF7 Skins Default Style

We recommend you begin with our Default Style. This will let you see what your form looks like with CF7 Skins added to your current WordPress theme.

It is also the minimum Style needed to support our CF7 Skins Add-ons: Multi, Ready, and Logic.


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