CF7 Skins Add-ons are premium plugins that can be used to enhance the features of the free CF7 Skins plugin. Purchasing and using CF7 Skins add-ons provide various benefits that can significantly improve your forms.

In this article, we provide a detailed step-by-step guide on purchasing CF7 Skins Add-ons and bundles.

Buying CF7 Skins Add-ons

Before purchasing, it’s important to understand which CF7 Skins Add-ons to buy and which Bundles offer you the best value for money. When you know which CF7 Skins Add-ons or bundles you want to buy, follow these steps to buy them:

1. Go to the Pricing page. Click the Buy button for the Add-on or Bundle you want – the package is now added to the cart.

Buy button in the Pricing page

Tip: You can see the details for all CF7 Skins Add-ons and Bundles.

2. Click the Checkout button.

Checkout button in the Pricing page

Tip: You can add multiple packages to the Shopping Cart.

3. You will be redirected to the Shopping Cart page where you can verify the items in the cart.

CF7 Skins Cart

Tip: You can remove an item from the cart if you don’t want to buy it.

4. Scroll down and choose a payment method.

CF7 Skins Payment method

5. Scroll down further and enter your Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

CF7 Skins Checkout Personal Information

Tip: You can also create a CF7 Skins account here if you like.

Create a CF7 Skins account – RECOMMENDED

Although creating a CF7 Skins account is optional, we highly recommend you to create an account. With a CF7 Skins account, you can:

  • see a list of all your previous and pending purchases from the Account page.
  • re-download the purchased packages at any time in the future.

6. To create an account, enter a Username, Password, and Confirm your password in this section.

Create Account in Checkout


7. If you selected Credit Card as your payment method, enter the Card name, Card number, and your Billing Address.

Credit Card information in CF7 Skins Checkout

8. Click Purchase.

Tip: If you selected Paypal as your payment method, you will be redirected to your Paypal page to complete the purchase.

9. Once the purchase is complete, you are redirected to the Purchase Confirmation page.

CF7 Skins Purchase Confirmation


If you created an account while completing the purchase, you can download the CF7 Skins Add-ons at any time from the CF7 Skins Account page.

Downloads in CF7 Skins Account

Tip: Refer to the CF7 Skins Add-ons installation guide for detailed instructions on downloading and installing CF7 Skins Add-ons.


Once you complete a purchase, you receive two emails at the provided email address.

1. The Purchase Receipt provides all the information related to the purchase directly in your inbox including:

  • all purchased items with their download links
  • purchased license keys
  • permanent link for the purchase receipt
  • link where you can generate an invoice
  • links to detailed instructions
  • link to Premium Email Support
  • link to the CF7 Skins Account

CF7 Skins Purchase Receipt

Tip: The email also contains further information and links on installing and licensing CF7 Skins add-ons.

2. CF7 Skins Subscription email lets you subscribe to the latest CF7 news and blog posts. The articles contain various tips, tricks, and guides on making it easy for you to use CF7 Skins.

CF7 Skins Subscription Confirmation

Tip: You will receive further emails from CF7 Skins only if you click the subscription confirmation button.

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