Although you can purchase and use all CF7 Skins Add-ons without a CF7 Skins account, we highly recommend you to create an account. With a CF7 Skins account, you can:

  • see a list of all your previous and pending purchases from the Account page.
  • re-download the purchased packages at any time in the future.

Creating a CF7 Skins Account

1. Go to the CF7 Skins Account page.

2. Scroll down to the Register section.

3. Enter a Username, Email address, Password, and Confirm your password.

Register - CF7 Skins Account

4. Click Register.

5. Go to the inbox of the provided email address and verify your email.

Tip: You can also create an account while purchasing CF7 Skins products. For details, refer to our FAQ on purchasing CF7 Skins add-ons.

Now, you can enjoy the advantages of having a CF7 Skins Account. To view your CF7 Skins Account, go to the Account page and log in with your credentials.